a+b=3 was created in Hong Kong in 2005 to help migrant workers overcome their financial challenges, especially over- indebtedness and unsustainable remittances to their families. Very soon, we extended our hands-on programmes to students and low-income families in Cambodia and the Philippines, and factory workers in China. In 2007, Enrich, our “spin-off” sister charity, took over our programmes for migrant workers in Hong Kong, while a+b=3 focused on creating financial education programmes and training trainers, especially through NGOs. In 2012, we launched our first online course. 2014 marks our first training in Africa while we continued training NGO staff in Asia and online. In 2021, a+b=3’s office changed harbour and moved to Marseille, France.

a+b=3’s key contributors:

a+b=3’s has been shaped by many contributors who facilitated, improved and localised our programmes and opened doors:

our gratitude to Minal Jain, Cary Clark, Myriam Bartu, Lenlen Mesina, Tim Carey, Shela Yuen, Florence Hui, Ela Goyal, Melody Yu, Becky Wong, Viveka Mansukhani, Dhwani Patel, Basmah Lok, Soraya Raccah, Jean-Michel Ngoyi, Chhunny Noem, Sokchampawatd Khouth, Sophiep Chat, Saorn Ou, Toch Sokunthea, Marine Meas, Chanry Sok, Chanrath Sor, Martin Maindiaux, Gonzague de Borde, Armelle Lahalle, Do Bich Phuong, Maneth Minh, Vivodin Chhay, Pheak Ros, Sun Tongquan, Catalina Magno, Samwel Magina, Marc-Andre Zach, Buakhai Phimmavong, Somchay Soulitam, Beazhan Hussaini and many others.