Good Planning with Money

This Saturday, trainers from our Hong Kong partner, Enrich, attended a Training the Trainers on “Good Planning with Money”. “Good Planning with Money” is a follow-up course on how to manage one’s personal money. Why a follow up course? Simply, because one course is not enough: financial education takes time to build and practice. Participants to the first level training “Good Habits with Money” that Enrich regularly facilitates in English, Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia, need to review what they put in practice from the first workshop (writing a budget, tracking their expenses, setting their goals and saving accordingly). This is also the opportunity to discuss what difficulties they face in implementing money management tips, and go further in topics such as dealing with family demands and spotting (and avoiding!) scams.

each trainer facilitated a part of Good Planning with Money, while others took the role of participants.