Cambodia: empowering trainers

One of our main goals is to encourage NGOs staff to implement financial education and help their clients improve their money management skills. Since last March Training the Trainers in Phnom Penh, Enfants du Mekong teachers and social workers have trained their clients several times: the Enfants du Mekong Centre’s students in Phnom Penh but also low income families in Phnom Penh and Sisophon (see our website for more info and pictures).

Today, we are observing Enfants du Mekong teachers facilitate a one-hour workshop with Second Year students on how to spend wisely and saving. It is great to see students actively participating in the workshop and stressing key learning at the end of the session! After the session, we discussed with the teachers on how to improve the training further, measure its impact and reach other years’ students.

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