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Since Maneth, Passerelles Numeriques ( Phnom Penh’s Assistant Training Manager, attended our Training the Trainers workshop level 1 last October, he has organised several workshops about money management with his students. A much needed topic as they start managing their own allowance.

Maneth comments: I can note that students have learned a lot. I also note that some of them reacted that it was good, but they said that it is hard to practice because some of them are lazy to write everything in the detail. I give them feedback that all students have to do step by step. I am sure that i have to conduct this lesson every quarter because it is very vital for them.”

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  1. pnnetportal Reply

    I envy seeing my fellow scholars in Vietnam having such kind of workshops. Thank you for extending your kind actions to them. Helping them is like helping us also since we are all a family. The Passerelles Numeriques family!

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