Soieries du Mekong – Training silkweavers on basic money skills

Soiries du Mekong organised a 2 hour training with 15 silk weavers in Banteay Chhmar (Banteay Manchey, Cambodia) which was filmed by two journalists of RFI (Radio France Internationale). It was very moving to be back to the same training room as the first time we ran a training in Cambodia in March 2007… one difference being the temperature! (40C in March 2007 and a chilly estimated 17C this morning).


the cost of paying wedding invitations with debt

 Budgeting: how to choose expenses to fit in one’s income

It’s never too early to learn budgeting skills!


 How to cover an emergency expense

 Planning and saving for yearly expenses

How our money decisions impact not only ourselves but also our families and community.

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