Introduction to Financial Literacy – France Volontaires, Quezon City (Philippines)

France Volontaires Philippines invited a+b=3 to run a demo workshop for French volunteers and NGO Filipino staff during their “volunteers day”: Lenlen, Enrich (our Hong Kong partner)’s Executive Director, facilitated this 3-hour workshop twice in a row.

Through the workshop, participants learned engaging ways to learn about money using pictures and stories. They thought over the choices we make with money and how to plan better. For some of the participants, working with so little amounts was an eye-opener and showed them how little spending flexibility most people  in the Philippines (and elsewhere…) have with a very low and irregular income.

Participants left the workshops looking forward to trying the money management tools for themselves first to see how it can make a difference, and be able to incorporate them in their programmes.

Huge thanks to France Volontaires to invite us, and to Lenlen for facilitating the workshops!


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