Training the Trainers – Financial Literacy for vulnerable families – Day 3

Third and last day of our Training the Trainers: participants changed role again and experienced more training examples that they can use with communities and very low income families. Today, we focused on money management within the family including communication and how to take big decisions, and how money impacts other community members, including ethics.

more planning ahead

budgeting without numbers

prioritising expenses when an emergency occurs

identifying ways to improve a family’s situation

using our creativity

facts or judgments: improving communication about money between spouses

role-plays on communication about money

planning a big purchase

and comparing various financing options

how today’s decisions impact tomorrow, and how our individuals decisions impact others

more on debts

small business bookkeeping and simple profit calculation

ethical cases

A huge thank you to Sokunthea (VBNK) for her co-facilitation and for the active participation of all participants!

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