Business training in Indonesia

Early August, Emilie, a volunteer for the French NGO Planète Urgence, went to Borneo to train a group of adults (supported by YML Madimap) on basic business skills to help them start sustainable microbusinesses.

A few weeks before her mission, Emilie contacted a+b=3 and downloaded our “Money Basics” programme on business. She first ran a workshop with YML Madimap staff and interpreters that came along to co-facilitate the workshops to the target groups. Emilie found that the material was very practical and that helped villagers understand easily and be fully focused on the training. This also helped retain what they learned and identified how to apply it straight away in their business.
Well done, Emilie! and thank you to Planète Urgence and YML Madimap.



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  1. Emilie

    This volunteer mission was a great professional and personnal experience. Thanks to A+B=3, YML Madimap and Planète Urgence for helping me to accomplish this training in Saliki, Indonesia.

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