University Students training – Phnom Penh

Today, we co-facilitated two training workshops with  students (year 2 and year 1), part of our continuous partnership with Enfants du Mekong.

We started with Year 2 students (their third workshop on money management):

Reviewing the tools to manage money that students learned last year

Practising budgeting – in year 2, students have to manage a bigger allowance and more expenses (rent, gas bottle…)

not easy to fit them all !

even harder to fit a bike repair …

… or a trip back home.

practising project management skills : birthday party

and applying them to a familiar situation : planning and budgeting a trip back home

Year 1’s first workshop was in the afternoon:

Analysing a story of a student… who runs out of money

nice food budget for three days – in French…

… and in Khmer.

Students then wrote their own monthly budget.

Reviewing how to manage their allowance step by step

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