High school students – Enfants du Mekong – Sisophon

Today Year 11 students attended a first workshop on money management. As they receive money from Enfants du Mekong and their parents, getting basics in expenses control, planning, savings… and ethics is very important.

Drawing a poster about what we know about money

and presenting it

this is fun!

shopping game: always a big success

analysing what we spent

setting priorities: morning routine first

then with our money: setting priorities on our expenses

saving for goals

notice the power of the brands…

Saorn explaining how to write a budget

pieces of advice on how to shop wisely

Saorn explaining the envelope method

notice the bank branding
writing our parents’ budget… a good reflection on what parents spend on

ethical cases

finally a simple business case: how to calculate a profit

action plan

Great students and co-facilitator

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