Training of Trainers – Microbusiness – Day 1

Today we welcomed a small group of NGO/microcredit staff to our Training of Trainers on Micro-business. On this first day, we focused on key business skills micro-businesses should get.

We started with running our own shop

which led to a lot of creativity.

And participants realised that running a business… is not easy!

Counting the cash after closing the shop

calculating a profit – simple case with a coconut seller


Experiencing the importance of tracking incomes, expenses and cash – basket case

In the afternoon, with a simple (and team-based) exercise with chickens and eggs, we realised that profit is not cash.

Breakeven calculation

Planning ahead… 
fostered lots of discussions! 

and laughter! 

We finished with reflecting on how much a small business owner can pay her/himself … not so easy (and regular) either!

summarising the key learning of our first day

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