Enfants du Mekong – students’ training (year 2 and year 4)

Phearinth (Enfants du Mekong) facilitated two financial literacy workshops for Enfants du Mekong’s Phnom Penh students on the 7th (bank holiday in Cambodia). The programme consists of 6 half-day workshops scattered all through the four years that students are supported by Enfants du Mekong.
Phearinth followed an online training then co-facilitated two workshops with Sophie last November.

Year 4: the focus is on decision taking.

Handling various complex decisions with financial and non-financial consequences

Wedding case: getting organised

… how to sequence a project in steps.

and budget this project

Well done year 4!

Year 2 workshop:

Reviewing what we have learned in year 1

and explaining it to the other students

fitting expenses in a fixed income…

setting priorities: the morning routine game

Well done, Phearinth and year 2s! Healthy fruits are waiting for you!

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