Small business training in Indonesia

Last November, Alexandra, a volunteer for Planete Urgences, facilitated a 10 day workshop in Mahakam (Kalimantan East), Indonesia. The focus of the project was empowering local women to start a business.
To prepare her mission, Alexandra used part of a+b=3’s material and methods. She first assessed what participants wanted to learn, whether and why they wanted to start a business and at what stage of their business project they were using cards. Then, participants used Tika’s story – a story with cards and pictures about a woman starting a business-  to analyse what to do… and not to do when we start a business. The last part of the workshop gave an opportunity to participants to prepare their own business plan and present it, one challenge – as we know – being to create real value and an income stream that enriches the community, not just an exchange of money within the community which does not tackle poverty and development issues.