Students workshop – Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia

Two more groups of Passerelles Numeriques, Cambodia , attended the second level of Money Starters, our programme for young adults, facilitated by Maneth (PNC) on January 2 and 9. Students especially liked budgeting for a holiday and for a wedding. Hopefully through these very practical and relevant examples, they will get into a  planning mindset.

Group 1:

Reviewing what we have learned in level 1

and explaining it

identifying what expenses are hard to manage and brainstorming on how to better control them

budgeting a trip

identifying where to save for various goals with different time frames

planning a big event: wedding!

step by step… getting organised is a life skill

budgeting a wedding

Group 2:

reviewing workshop level 1 key content

and explaining it – the best way to make sure key points on controlling expenses are understood

choosing what expenses are the hardest to manage and identifying how we can control them

wedding budget

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