How to manage a first salary – workshop for Phnom Penh Students

On May 28 and 31, Enfants du Mekong’s 4th year students participated to their last workshop on money management: the main focus was on how to manage their future salary… it is so easy to get excited when we earn a first salary and the list of what we’d like to buy … is always much longer than what we earn. So students practised listing how they could use their future salary through a simple case, and categorised their ideas into daily life spending, future commitments, monthly savings and very important projects. Once again – this is a recurring topic in all the workshops over the three years – making the right choice is critical.
Then students went through a real life case: how to choose a place to live- trying to consider all the aspects of the various options (rent, convenience, safety, etc…). Whatever their personal preferences, one common expense that all students say they will have is to support their families. So we also discuss how to support them in a sustainable way. We ended the workshop with a reflection on wealth and what it means to be “rich”.
Thank you to Phearinth and Chhin who facilitated both workshops, and to Armelle who managed the logistics and coached both facilitators.

Thanks to Phearinth and Chhin!

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