Garment factory workers – Cambodia

In March and April, CARE Cambodia organised two training the trainers on financial literacy for garment factory workers that a+b=3 helped design as part of Levis Strauss Foundation funded Sewing for a Brighter Future project.
Young Cambodians migrate to Phnom Penh to work in factories and earn a salary, but even though their goal is to improve their financial situation, very often, they struggle to keep out of debt, make their monthly salary last the whole month, discuss with their family how much they can reasonably send them, resist consumption pressure, cope with high rent, analyse what would be the best financial options and products and save for longer term projects.           

This short programme which will be facilitated by peer educators in the factories aims to help workers prioritise expenses, support their families in a sustainable way, and reduce their debt level. The programme includes stories and posters with key messages and cards to help build critical thinking and was well received by participants. Peer educators currently roll out this programme in the factories with CARE Cambodia’s support.  

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