Financial literacy videos in Nepal

On March 16, Mr. Prakash Koirala – Global Award Winner in Youth Financial Education Awareness Award 2015 – organized a Financial Literacy orientation programme for 24 high school students and Guest Youth of Rotract Council in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Prakash, who is an expert in financial literacy in Nepal and has already reached more than 40,000 community people about financial education, economic planning, and sustainable development related projects, ran an hour session with students on financial planning, savings, the concept of money, needs and wants and some highlights on the banking system.

For the first time, Prakash also used a+b=3’s video “finance in pictures” that we released for our 10th anniversary as the students had a good understanding of financial terms already. Prakash found that the videos engaged students wonderfully. One student said: “Instead of such power point, please bring that kind of videos, which will be easy to understand.”

We look forward to continuing supporting Prakash and his organisation.

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