TOT Financial literacy for youth – Cebu – level 1 – day 1

Training at Enfants du Mekong Professional Life Training Center in Cebu, Philippines.
We started with a short introduction on the problems faced by youth and efficient training methods.

Identifying what is the main issue the youth face about money.

How children learn about money – example of participatory method

 Experiencing the youth programme – module 1

Choosing why money matters to us

Noel’s story: what did Noel do with his money?

This is easier to know what we do with money when we note down our expenses.

shopping game: understanding the emotional and fun part of shopping

module 1 wrap up: “feeling” the consequences of not managing money on us… and on others.

lunch at the centre
In the afternoon, participants experienced the second module of the youth progra
Reviewing the module 1 main learning points

Budgeting and prioritising expenses without numbers

good and bad pieces of advise on spending

ethical cases: how money impacts relationships with friends and other people

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