Training of Trainers – Financial Literacy – Laos

GIZ Laos has invited a+b=3 to run a 2-day training the trainers in Vientiane on financial literacy for NGO, MFI and Government staffs who run programmes for (mostly) rural areas. Microfinance Association is kindly providing the training room.

Today, we focused on the objectives of financial literacy and how to have a real impact, then this afternoon participants experienced training examples from our programme “Money Basics”.

matching solutions with problems

a fun and energetic way to start the training

a beautiful match!

introducing ourselves

applying our matching skills to financial education
a happy match!

analysing how to assess target groups’ needs before designing a training programme

how to swim or climb to our long term goals… and the difference between prevention and solution
Identifying relevant training content to solve short term issues and to prevent target groups to experience the same issues again.

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Buakhai (in pink), our Laos co-facilitator from EDC

sharing the other groups’ cases

energiser inspired from two weeks ago in the Philippines

the web: how money interconnects people.

Experiencing examples of training as villagers is the best way to test which training methods are efficient:

Aya’s story: useful and less useful expenses

This also encourages lots of discussion within groups.

Second step: planning income and expenses in order to pay a commitment

Step 3: following our plan

and readjusting our plan when reality is different (here: lower income)

Have all the groups saved enough in order to pay the commitment due on day 5?
The school fee is due on day 5.

Yes! Great team work: we can pay the school fee on day 5 and still have some savings!

So… where can we keep these savings?

matching savings goals with places to save

Is the super savings… so safe?

Wrapping up the skills we have learned: what to do and think of before taking a big decision, step by step

but not so easy

which team got it right?