a+b=3 in Colombia – first workshop

In Colombia, in the city of Jamundí, on June 16, we held our first workshop on education and financial planning “Connect your financial potential”.

With enthusiasm and motivation the participants took part in the exercises and activities of the workshop, bringing knowledge to practice. The simplicity and excellent methodology of a + b = 3 makes it easier to incorporate the concepts of healthy finances into daily life.

With the help of our Instructor Leonardo Moreno, this great project begins in Colombia, empowering and connecting people with their true potential.

Participants in general were committed to bring these concepts and tools into their lives, consciously choosing their expenses and recording them daily, and establishing a monthly budget of their income and expenses.

If you want information about a + b = 3 workshops in Colombia you can contact Leonardo Moreno leonardo@aandbmake3.com

Leonardo, the facilitator

money interconnects us

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