Teachers’ workshop in DR Congo

End of August, before school started, our Congolese partner, APPEC, organised several 3 day workshops on financial education for school teachers. APPEC’s Director and Facilitator, Jean-Michel, used the training guide that a+b=3 had designed for this first training in DR Congo. It covered how to manage our money in day 1 (budget, how to control debts, support one’s family and manage emergencies and big expenses through planning and savings). Day 2 and 3 focused on teachers’ role as educators and how children take adults as role models, and included several examples of training activities for teenagers on money management, including ethics.
The first workshop attracted 50 participants and two other workshops had to be organised at other teachers’ demand. More than 80 teachers attended altogether. What teachers especially appreciated was practical knowledge on how to save, be careful with debts, and control expenses, as well as the parts on behaviour change (for instance think twice before spending). On September 16, a graduation ceremony was organised at Limete. The workshops were very well received; a participant wrote that it was an eye-opener that sheds another light on our habits and behaviour about money management. Another said that thanks to workshop he realised that if he doesn’t manage money, money will manage him. Teachers said more similar workshops should be organised.
The next step will be for teachers to implement what they have learned and shared it with their families and students, and for APPEC and a+b=3 to measure the impact of these workshops.







Group 1


Group 2


Group 3

Graduation ceremony:



A big thank you to Jean-Michel Ngoyi, APPEC, who facilitated all three workshops.