Cambodia’s debt problem – key facts

US$ 3.99 billion(1)
    2 million(2)
x 4 (5)

(1) outstanding loans from MFIs
(Q3 2017, source: CMA
(2) 2.14 million households served by MFIs
(source: World Bank, April 2017)
(3) average loan from MFI by household. This is about 29% of households’ annual disposable income according to the
World Bank,. To this number should be added informal loans and bank loans.
(4) 34.5% average yearly interest rate in rural areas 
(source: World Bank, April 2017)

(5) From 2004-2014, the loan sizes have increased 4 times faster than the debtors’ income increase. (source: World Bank, April 2017) 

What do you do when out of the $3 you earn daily (*), $1 is used to pay back your debts? (*) $1,093 yearly average income (source: CEIC)/ 360 days
  • $1 less for health, education, emergencies…
  • Migration  – potential exploitation + family split
  • Despair / suicide / domestic violence
What does your organisation do to help families be less financially vulnerable?

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