ASCOVI – Kinshasa

On 14, 15 and 16 August 2019, 23 members of ASCOVI (the Food Consumers’ Association) who run small businesses participated in a money management training organised with the technical support of a + b = 3 and APPEC. The first day focused on the management of family money (spending priorities, budget, how to avoid debts, how to save …); the second day participants learned how to better manage a small business (bookkeeping, separating family and business expenses, calculating profit, planning cash needs and how much to pay oneself); the topic of the third day was how to generate income (find a business idea, calculate the potential profitability of a project, how to set prices, how much capital…) and participants practised managing a small business.
The participants generally appreciated using illustrated cards, which enabled the less literate to understand. They all decided to start controlling spending and learn to save. Half of the participants also said they wanted to learn to be trainers to train the people around them and all wished to receive more training on the subject of money and entrepreneurship.