One day in Antanarivo, Madagascar

The local NGO ‘Projet SANDRATRA‘ which is funded by Apprentis d’Auteuil invited a+b=3 to run a one-day Training of Trainers in Antanarivo for the educators, social assistants and programme managers of the various organisations it supports (Centre NRJ, Graines de Bitume, ONG MANDA, HARDI Madagasikara). All these organisations work with street children and their families.

After introducing financial education through our problems/solutions game, participants discovered why participatory training techniques are efficient with our budget game. We also challenged the ‘useful/not useful’ expenses categories (many fall in the ‘it depends’ category) and instead talked about commitments. In the afternoon, we switched to small businesses : participants ran a small shop and discovered all the challenges of running a business. They practised cash accounting, and calculated how much they could pay themselves. We introduced an example of story and used it to realise why separating personal and business expenses is crucial. We wrapped up this busy day with steps on how to build a financial education programme. Thanks to Projet Sandratra and Apprentis d’Auteuil for their welcome.

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