Soieiries du Mekong – new training

Soieries du Mekong conducted a more thorough training on Money Management with the Silk weavers in 5 sessions (following the two review sessions done in 2008 and 2009).

We think all the activities are really interesting for the staff even if the motivation is different between some women and others. The first session we had 20 persons (everybody), the second session 16, the third session 15, and the fourth session 14. The fifth session had 16 participants, but no spouse or family members came as scheduled.

It is very difficult to make them change their habits. Anyway, the result can be positive: Now they know many tools that can help them, they know that Samrack and Buntoeun are available, so we can hope that some of them will use what they have learnt one day.”

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