Kathmandu, Save the Children – Induction TOT Day 1

First day of a short training the trainers with Save the Children Nepal and its local partners aiming to introduce financial literacy and what facilitation tools can be used with very low income parents.

Part 1: what is financial literacy and what it aims at?

the material is ready for a new training
matching problems with solutions

matching financial problems with solutions

needs assessment: if we don’t know the problem, we can’t find the solution.

case studies: short term solution and long term prevention

the web: how money interconnects us

case study part 2: financial diaries and analysing the potential impact of a financial education programme

Part 2: example of a programme for low income families:

Jitendra and Rashmi’s story

useful and less useful expenses

budgeting expenses

Planning further: how to pay for a future commitment

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