Family pilot workshop – Save the Children Nepal

Pilot workshop this morning with Save the Children Nepal’s team to test the newly designed workshop for very low income families:
rehearsing one more time


Introduction: raising awareness on the impact of our spending: when we buy something, we have less money for other more important expenses.



Comparing income and water. It is easier to share water when we know how much is in the bottle.


When we cannot see what is in the bottle, it is really hard: we should note down our income, especially as it is irregular.


Evaluating the various sources of incomes



Once we know our income, let’s prioritise our expenses- the envelope method.




Let’s reprioritise to keep money to pay back debts and for emergency.



When we don’t prioritise, we often have to borrow… debts look like an income at first.


But it is an income with a string attached: we have to give it back… and even take from our income to give back more (interest).


A few more key messages about debts through posters.


Conclusion: web game – our decisions impact  our future and others.



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