Profit or loss – training for parents

While supporting poor children to go to school, Enfants du Mékong does not take that responsibility away from their parents. It is with this in mind that social workers in Phnom Penh invited us to run a training workshop for parents who have their own business (selling cakes, raising chickens, washing cars …). In two sessions spaced two weeks apart (to let them practice), fifteen parents have learned the basics of bookkeeping in order to know if their business generates a profit or not. Keeping accounts clear, even with low literacy levels for some, is vital to avoid the spiral of losses and debt and to save for school fees.
The participants greatly appreciated this course and felt that the course was very important to them. Most of them pointed out that, thanks to this course, they now know how to keep their business and family expenses separate, record sales, expenses and credit, know how to calculate profits and losses. They have a better idea of ​​how much they can pay themselves and how to make a cash forecast to be sure they can pay for future expenses. Thank you Enfants du Mekong Phnom Penh!

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