APEFP – partner of a+b=3 in Burkina Faso

Our Burkinabè partner APEFP (Association Pour l’Education Financière du Public) carried out a first face-to-face training on April 23, 2022 at Thomas Sankara University, with 54 students (against the 30 registered), training postponed due to the pandemic. APEFP trainers were trained online on our new platform and on a few videoconference sessions throughout 2021.
The training that the APFEP trainers have chosen to facilitate is our ‘basic’ training for young people: a game on time management and a game on spending priorities. Beyond the active participation of the students in the various training activities, their feedback has been very positive. “For me, this training came at the right time because it allowed us to have notions of financial management for the future.” “It was really a weekend of games and rich in lessons. And I would like to say thank you to the young brothers for the initiative and to the trainers for the trip to the UTS site with the aim of bringing soil to soil.” “It is in the exchanges that ideas are born and we learn more in practice than theory. And it must be said that the training was practical.”
These encouragements have motivated APFEP to run more training sessions.

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